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How can I connect my Alcatel Fierce XL (Windows) to the printer

How can I connect my Alcatel Fierce XL (Windows) to the printer

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Printing from Android with Google Cloud Print
Not only Google Android live printing

You want to print documents from your Android but you are unsure how to do? Today we show you how to print from Android through Google Cloud Print, a solution of the Mountain View giant to which you can certainly take advantage.

Smartphones and tablets are becoming a more essential part of our workflow, whether at home, whether in the office, or whether in any other situation. And probably that workflow implies that you have to print at some point, an option that seems very limited when talking about a smartphone, but increasingly is more likely in Android.

Printing from Android with Google Cloud Print

One option goes through Google and Cloud Print: one of the many systems we have to access cloud printers, and not having to leave Android to print our documents and files. But it can seem a bit difficult to set a priori, but it is actually very simple, and we want to help get you set up Cloud Print without any problems.

  1. The first thing to do is set your printer to work with Google Cloud Print. If you have a compatible printer is very simple, while you can also do with any classic printer, Google gives you all the instructions to do so.
  2. We do so with the implementation of Google Cloud Print for Android
  3. Open the document or file you want to print, and click on the appropriate button (changes with each application).
  4. It opens a window where Cloud Print lets us set the following parameters:
    1. Where print or save the document
    2. Copies want to print
    3. If you want to print in color or black and white
    4. The pages you want to print specific
    5. Paper size
    6. The orientation
  5. We check that everything in the preview looks good, and click on print.

Download: Cloud Print

He should be printed, and stored in one of our devices, or pocketing as a .pdf file, it depends on what we have selected. In either case, it is a very effective solution to bring our printers and documents with our Google account, and you can get much potential just by using your Android.

Not only Google Android live printing

In addition, printer manufacturers have also launched this race, and you can see for yourself if you have a printer compatible with their applications. To find the manufacturer's name on Google Play you can find things, or check the documentation for your printer model, but we leave you with some examples:

Download:HP ePrint

Download:Epson iPrint

Download:Canon PRINT Inkjet/SELPHY

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