How to use Lenovo Vibe P1m as a WebCam

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asked Jun 16, 2016 by anonymous
How can I connect my Lenovo Vibe P1m as a WebCam

How can I connect my Lenovo Vibe P1m as a WebCam

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answered Jun 16, 2016 by anonymous

How to connect your Lenovo Vibe P1m as WebCam

We explain step by step how to use your android as a webcam in a simple, fast and free way.

With Android we can use our devices for almost anything (one day an application that will make you food, I know I, I hope). But as we have not yet reached those limits, today we will explain how to use your Android device as a webcam.

Currently the applications that allow us to relay our camera device to your computer make it through wireless such as WiFi. Although we will see how one of them let us also do so via USB or Bluetooth.

Clarification: The two applications we tested, in our opinion and more sites are the best in Google Play and one of them is only for Windows, the other has Linux version but we could not prove it.

The tutorial will show you then we will do so that you can both applications, choose the one you like configuration because, besides being very simple, is similar in both cases.

Download the application for Android

We said it before, you can turn your smartphone into a webcam with two applications that we show. I've tried personally and I was able to receive the image on my computer with both.

IP Webcam


Download Apk



Download client computer

If we want the signal from the camera of our smartphone serves to video call services on our computer, we need a client.

We leave the installable files (Windows only, remember) for each application below. Covet download the correct for the application that you have chosen.

Windows Client IP Webcam

Download Windows Client IP WebCam

Windows client DroidCam

Download Client for Windows DroidCam

Configuring client computer

The setup program we have installed on your computer is simple. Here we will explain how to configure IP Webcam first and then DroidCam.

IP Webcam

To configure IP Webcam we have to have installed the client and run it. Here you will see a window as we appear to us to the left of the Chrome browser (where we are accessing the camera so you can see the result). Here you have to set the local IP will use the application to send information from the camera. This IP can be found by pressing the end of all on "Start Server". Will appear below the IP and port. Important to the end "videofeed".


DroidCam settings is even simpler than IP Webcam as only start the application on the side shows both the WiFi local address as the port. This we must add the client to the computer that have previously downloaded and installed. We ran and we ask these data.

Once the data set and will begin to broadcast the video signal and you have the camera installed. Clarify that you can connect by WiFi, Bluetooth and USB. A plus point.

Remember that if you have configured on your client computer you can use your Android as Webcam in other applications such as Skype to make video calls. Something very interesting if you have a desktop to which you want to set you up a webcam to chat with friends.

You have done this and you should be able to use your Android as if it were a webcam. A very simple procedure but not many would know that this series could do things with something that usually carry in your pocket.

And with that and a biscuit, and you have a new WebCam to your computer. In addition, it also serves to have a wireless camera, forget cables.