How to connect Samsung Galaxy S6 to TV

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How can I connect Samsung Galaxy S6 to the Smart TV

How can I connect Samsung Galaxy S6 to the Smart TV

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Two methods to connect your Samsung Galaxy S6 Android smartphone to the TV

Using a HDMI Cable

This is the simplest method, since you only need an HDMI cable. It will depend on the type of mobile device, some already bring the micro HDMI port , but in other cases it will be necessary to use an MHL micro USB to HDMI converter , such as the above image, which has cost about 8 euros.

All you have to connect the cable to your Android and the TV, and look for the HDMI source with the TV remote. Once done, you will have the screen of your smartphone or tablet on your TV and you can see games, apps, videos and your favorite content on the big screen.

by WiFi

To connect your smartphone to the TV wirelessly, two things are necessary. First, your TV must have WiFi option, something we find virtually any SmartTV today. On the other hand, your phone must also have multiple function display. If you are sure that accounts with both options, just follow these steps:

  1. Through the source of your TV, find the wireless display option. 
  2. Start multi - screen option on your smartphone. Once inside, your phone will start searching for other devices that are connected to the WiFi network through this function. Here you must select your TV. 
  3. Once the two devices are recognized, the screen of your smartphone appear on the TV.

There are also some applications where you need not follow these steps because they can connect to the TV automatically. This occurs with numerous video and image applications, such as YouTube or your phone gallery.

In these applications you will find an icon with two screens or a screen and connecting a WiFi signal. Clicking on this button, you'll find all the devices connected to your network. You have to choose your TV and the app in question will appear on the screen.

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If you are root. You can enter root explorer> system> edit text go to the last line and paste wlan.wfd.hdcp = disable save and exit redo the cell. Download miracast shortcut and tendras screen mirroring without crhomecast
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We can do it in two ways: wired or wireless. Both options are good but we must take into account both the difference in costs and procedures. I personally recommend the wiring for being the cheapest and easiest, however, will detail both.

What do we need?

Basically we need, plus a TV with HDMI input, an MHL adapter - HDMI, HDMI cable and a wireless adapter, preferably Samsung or Netgear. It goes without saying that the more original Samsung device involved in the connection, the better.

How to install wiring mode

Wiring mode offers a number of advantages that highlight it as the best option. For starters, it is much simpler and cheaper than the wireless mode, will not suffer any lag, or desfasaje- and has better audio quality (works up to a hometheater 7.1). It is ideal for watching movies.

To install the connection must, as a first step, connect the battery charger (energy intensive screening), then we connect our MHL-HDMI adapter into the upper port of the device.

Then we proceed to set the phone. We go to Settings> My Device> Accesory> Audio output and tickeamos "surround". Once this step we connect the mobile phone with the HDMI adapter cable to the HDMI input of the TV. Now what appears on the mobile screen should appear on the TV.

How to install the wireless mode

The wireless connection is more complicated but it is the best option to play. Even some games are configured for this mode turning the phone into a remote with second screen, as if it were the Wii U Gamepad

For this mode we need to use our wireless adapter. This device allows the TV recognizes the mobile signal, clear that in a not too distant future this technology will be replaced as televisions recognize the mobile signal themselves, but so far we recommend that you install the adapter.

Connect the adapter to the HDTV input from configuration and change the font to "HDTV" mode. Once you see the light flashes red device reset press and notice that changes to blue.

Then on your phone go to Settings> Connections and from there you activate the Screen Mirroring. After a few seconds the TV should show what appears on your phone.

Have you been ?, this guide help you leave us your impression and collaborate with the discussion.

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Connection via USB MHL ADAPTERS

MHL is an interface that allows us to connect phones, tablets and other devices to aTV via the USB connection, turning it into a digital output 1080p Full HD via HDMI, which will not have trouble connecting to TV .

HDTV Adapter MHL 11Pin HDMI Cable​

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I have my doubts as to whether the person who did this writing would test all the functions, because as far as there is no way to connect the Galaxy S6 to a television by means of some cable, since it does not support MHL (on the samsung page it comes clearly ).
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You have to get a cromecast that he the best wireless option but only serves for youtube and netflix not as a browser
Or another would be an MHL adapter
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A perfect complement of Galaxy S6 is a Smart TV, and is that there is nothing better than a smart TV to maximize all the benefits of the most advanced smartphone on the market.

Galaxy S6 incorporates a variety of technologies and connectivity options, such as infrared and WiFi direct, which make possible a quick connection with a Smart TV. This way you can enjoy a complete entertainment ecosystem within reach of your cell phone.

View the contents of your cell phone on your Smart TV
With Galaxy S6 sharing the contents of your smartphone with your smart TV is easier than ever. To get started, just slide down the notification bar. You will then see a Quick connect button. Touch it and Galaxy S6 will start scanning the nearby devices.

Select your TV model, which will now appear on the Galaxy S6 screen, and that's it.