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How to activate Bluetooth connection on Lg G Flex2

How to activate Bluetooth connection on Lg G Flex2

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To enable Bluetooth mobile we have two options:

  • The first is to slide down the notifications bar higher, and the options will see a button with the name "Bluetooth". Simply clicking on this button we will have enabled wireless connectivity that interests us.
  • The second option is to navigate to the Settings screen mobile (the application with a gear icon) and once inside select the option "Bluetooth". Simply sliding to the right the button at the top of the menu will have to get enable wireless conectidad.

Once we have our Bluetooth connection already on, now we match our mobile with the device you want to connect. Ie, we must establish a connection between the Bluetooth device and mobile Android.

  • First we will ensure that we have activated the Bluetooth connection. To do this we simply look if the letter "B" with the remaining battery time and phone us appears in the notification bar.
  • Now we must navigate to the Settings menu (the gear icon in the application list) to click on the option "Bluetooth".
  • When we press this option will see a screen similar to the one shown in the attached capture above.
  • First we will see our own phone, and if you click on the box to the right, activate the option to be visible to all devices for two minutes. This is a useful option if you want someone to connect to Bluetooth mobile phone.
  • Below we can see all the devices that are linked. If we add a new device must simply click on the button "Search" link on the top right in case we have mobile horizontally and at the bottom in case we have mobile vertically.
  • When we have located the device you want to connect just have to press on it and match your mobile phone with that device. Some devices (see a hands-free, for example) require a password to connect to them, so it is important to review the operating instructions for these devices to know the password. Passwords are usually the type of 0000, 1234 and so on.

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