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How can I connect a PS4 Controller to Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

How can I connect a PS4 Controller to Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

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You want to take full advantage of your smartphone or Android tablet and multiple games in it, but you do not have Bluetooth controller? Do you know that Sony's DualShock 4 is a? So here's how to use its PlayStation 4 controller on its Android terminal.

PS4-Remote Play

Games smartphones compatible with a joystick are not the majority in the Google Play Store, but there are still a number plus emulators and their bloated catalog of games today become cult. To enjoy it, there are several solutions, starting with the dedicated Bluetooth gamepads sold commercially, but rarely qualitative or so offered at exorbitant prices, or the OTG adapter , for connecting a USB stick, although many of them do not offer diversion to power the phone, limiting the playing time.

Fortunately, you may have a wireless controller that supports behind you. With the handle of PlayStation 3, the manipulation is tedious and requires the phone to be ROOTE . For PlayStation 4 controller in hand - also known as the DualShock 4 - just seconds to make it functional on an Android device. After all, it works in Bluetooth.

Pairing the controller with his smartphone

The DualShock 4 runs natively in Bluetooth and does not require special or cable tool to be coupled to an Android device. To do this, first turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone or tablet and search of transmitters.


The controller should not be recognized immediately. For it to appear in the list of available devices, and hold the PlayStation buttons, and Share Options until the light bar flashes. From that moment, your controller will be recognized in the list of devices available as the Wireless Controller . A simple click on it then allows to pair with your smartphone.


Attention, however, as with other controllers, if it is natively supported by the system, there is no guarantee that it will be compatible with your favorite game and a turn by applying settings to redefine the keys is often a must for an ideal playing comfort.Including joysticks are poorly recognized by the vast majority of games.

To make use of the couple smartphone / DualShock 4 more enjoyable, Sony offers a dedicated attachment available for twenty euros on Amazon . Scheduled for glass back of Xperia Z3, the suction cup should also work with other devices, depending on the texture of its back cover.

this solutions works for my samsung galaxy s7
doesn't work for me either of the solutions.
Did you try with bluetooth

Open Your Bluetooth on your samsung galaxy s7 ,Press Share and Play button on  ps4 controller   and select ps4 controller to connect
it don't work anyway on s7 edge
I cant root my s7 for this. Because no pc. Can someone help
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Connecting a PS4 controller to your Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

(all possibilities)

In this tutorial we want to show the different possibilities that exist for connecting a command Playstation 4 (DualShock 4) to your Android tablet or iPad. Some require root access or jailbreak in the case of tablets from Apple, but other methods are simpler and do not require much knowledge. Connect a control as PS4 to a tablet is usually one of those things that many want to do (as it is ideal to play better and better titles and more complex mobile devices), but often do not know the steps or They do not dare.

Although game developers have striven to improve the implementation of touch controls, they can not under any circumstances approach the experience that offers a remote in hand. With the improvement of titles for mobile platforms due to increased power thereof, especially tablets that are often preferred for play devices, the need to connect a remote control this equipment has become more prevalent among people who a few years ago . So we try to help with this tutorial that covers several possibilities. We started.


This is the easiest and most recommended for users of tablets with Android operating system option. Simply exploits the ability of the DualShock 4, which like previous Sony controllers is compatible with devices via the USB connection. Only we need a cable USB OTG (On-The-Go) with two male ends. This cable allows one device, in this case the tablet, the other acts as a HOST, the command of PS4.

How to connect PS4 controller to the tablet

We not need anything more than that, just connect both devices will be linked and we can use the controller to play much of the titles. And eye, much does not mean all, because the game should allow this kind of control. Many people already permit but there are always exceptions, there can not do anything but wait for the next version is updated with this support.


The problem of cable connection is simply to place the tablet so that it is comfortable to use and is fixed. This has been invented gadgets that use a support for the controller itself, making it almost a portable console. But it is not ideal, it would definitely be a wireless connection that allows greater mobility. The point is that here things get complicated.

PS4 controller

In many cases it works simply linking the tablet and command as if it were any other device. To do this, we must press the "PS" and "Share" buttons on the remote while searching nearby Bluetooth devices from the tablet settings. When the lights start flashing DualShock 4, we choose the option that appears in the search and will be connected. This connection does not always occur in the best way, it is common that they are linked without connecting (in this case Try several times), and even if they were connected, its functionality is quite limited and only some games recognize the command.

For total connectivity, you need to root the Android device and follow the steps we detail in this tutorial. Although explained for PS3 controller, the procedure is the same and we should not find additional barriers.

Remote Play

The third option is a different and unique for both Sony Xperia models (although if investigates have also managed to take it to other devices). Thanks to the Remote Play application that you can download in Google Play, we can use the tablet as Screen Play Station 4. We shall be connected to the same WiFi network both the console and the tablet in question and enter the application. We can enjoy the titles that we have installed in our PS4 throughout the house thanks to our tablet and command DualShock 4.

I can pair my ps4 controller Tom my galaxy s7 edge. The controller glows a solid white. However, any input that is made does nothing on the phone. I am trying to get my controller to work on the super retro 16 app. However, I need my phone to respond to my controller first
My ps4 controller is connected to my s7 edge as well with the white light but my phone doesn't react to  it...
Samsung blocked it
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Unlike the PS3 controller, which required a bit of elbow grease, the Dualshock the PS4 can be easily connected to a device Android . And no matter whether it is a smartphone , a tablet or even a gaming console like the Ouya . It works well. However, your device must have a "USB Host" function.We tested the joystick on different smartphones, and tablet is recognized in most cases. It works for example on a Nexus 7 , a HTC One , a HTC One Mini or LG G2 . However, it only works on a Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 " or a Nexus 4 , which is quite normal, since these devices are not USB Host.

How's it going, the USB connection?

Above all, you must have a little appropriate cable, as the picture below cons. This is a cable USB Host , which costs between 4 and 5 euros.Connect it to the cable you normally use to transfer data between your computer and your smartphone (or which is also used to charge the device). Connect it to your phone and the new Dualshock controller 4, and you have nothing else to do. To verify that everything works, visit the Android Home screen: try to move your cursor, you should be able to move from icon to icon, and from screen to screen. The buttons are also functional and allow you to simulate pressure on each icon on the screen.

What type of game do you enjoy it?

In order to play on your smartphone or tablet Android with the Dualshock the PS4, you will have to now find games that support the Sony controller. Very few Android classic games allow to take into account an external control device. In general, emulators work much better. These allow to reconfigure the controller inputs or automatically detect the controller. This is the case of FPSE , the PlayStation emulator, for which you have nothing to do. However, under other emulators like Gensoid , which is dedicated to the Sega Megadrive, you need to reassign one by one the joystick controls.

In Bluethooth, it works too?

The answer for now is clear: no, it does not. If a smartphone or Android tablet is able to detect and find the handle of the PS4, it does absolutely nothing happens when both devices are associated. This is not a hardware problem. Hopefully Google Android starts to date, so that the handle is a usable wireless day.

And how does it work on other Android devices?

Yes: the console Ouya , the PS4 Dualshock of walking without worry. If you have the small console at less than 100 euros, connect the controller to the USB port of the device: it is recognized immediately. However, the Dualshock 4 does not support Bluetooth. The device is not even detected by the console, which simply look for the Ouya joysticks. He will have to wait a developer looks at the problem and provides drivers can detect the controller.

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The Magic of Bluetooth

Wirelessly or wirelessly connected to the console from the past generation, the controls of the current consoles are plugged in using Bluetooth technology. And that is the one we can use to our advantage. To do this simply follow these steps:

Step 1

On the PS4 pad off, press and hold the PS and Share buttons to activate the Pairing mode. The track that is in this mode is given by the command LED light. If you press the PS button normally, the LED blinks slowly, but in the Pairing mode the LED flashes quickly and blinks under a white hue.

Step 2

Now, while the light is flashing, we go to our Android smartphone and follow the route Settings> Bluetooth to make sure that it is activated (it is also possible to activate it by sliding the upper Pop Up interface) to display the icons and holding down the Bluetooth symbol .

Step 3

Once we have the Bluetooth enabled, we give the option Search and wait for it to find the remote.

Step 4

When the mobile has the pad located, we simply have to click on the Wireless Controller device that has appeared to connect with the mobile.

And that's it. Now we will have the pad connected. And to disconnect it simply turn off the Bluetooth on your smartphone. You only have to activate the control by physical control in the games that have this one. And emulators enter the control options and map / map our new physical control.

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