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Miracast is similar to the HDMI cable of the first section, but without cables. That is, it is a way to see the screen of our mobile on the TV. But if we turn off the screen of the mobile, we will also stop watching it on the TV.

It is natively compatible with Android 4.2 or later phones (not an app that we can download). To find out if your phone can use Miracast, go to Settings> Display, and look for a screen duplication option or wireless screen

Our television must also support it. As a matter of fact, smart TVs from Sony, LG and Samsung started to support this technology from 2013, although some models from late 2012 were already compatible. In the official Miracast page you can consult all compatible devices.

If our receiving equipment is not compatible, there are adapters that connect to the HDMI or USB ports on the TV. Microsoft, for example, has long launched the Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter, which lets you use Miracast on any monitor or TV. Belking also has another adapter.

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