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HDMI cable to connect Samsung J5 to TV

The easiest way to make the connection is through an HDMI cable. This peripheral can be purchased at Samsung's store or at any specialized store.

The good thing about this system is that you do not have to configure anything. We connect the cable to the J5 and to the television and we can already see in big screen everything that we have in the mobile.

Wireless connection

If we are looking for a more permanent solution that does not involve having more cables at home, we can choose to connect Samsung J5 to the television through a wireless system.

Google's Chromecast is one of the most viable solutions. This device has a very affordable price and its operation is very simple.

The Chromecast connects to the TV, connects to WiFi and can be controlled from a computer, tablet or smartphone.

All you have to do is connect the Chromecast, configure it, and then link the mobile device to the receiver's local WiFi network. No need to download any external application, we can control the Chromecast directly from the mobile, so that we can show on TV any content of our mobile that we want.

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