How do I know if my phone has MHL?

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asked Jan 9 by anonymous

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answered Jan 9 by anonymous
Let's start talking about mobile devices with MHL port, about which we must emphasize in the first instance that mainly have many exponents between companies like Samsung or HTC, but also others. To date, most models made by large manufacturers have MHL technology, so they should not be considered as causing problems.

We also have anyway terminals of signatures like Sony or LG, that own the port of mini HDMI to connect cellular to the TV, between which they emphasize those belonging to the Japanese family Xperia. Also Motorola is another company that for some time includes such connections as part of their phones, so they should not cause problems either.

That is to say, in any of the cases mentioned, what you will need will be only the cable corresponding to your mobile, since all are compatible with the televisions of last generation, so in that sense they should work. Anyway, if you have doubts about a particular smartphone model, you can always consult us about it in the comments of the article so we can give you a hand.