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How to connect Huawei Enjoy 8 To Tv

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How to connect Huawei Enjoy 8 To Tv

How to connect Huawei Enjoy 8 To Tv


With additional services like Netflix within its functions, this small box optimizes the performance and connection between the Huawei Enjoy 8 and an intelligent TV, allowing a simple connection to your Smart Tv of this plugin, giving way to a unique experience. With the ability to reproduce with clarity and quality from the phone itself, this technology specially designed for Android offers comfort and practical solutions.

With a view to recording on H264, Miracast technology was included in several of the Smart Tv of the current market, so if you have a relatively modern one, you must have this option inside the TV. In cases like DRM also applies the transmission compatibility, so the use of applications, such as YouTube, will have a considerable increase in quality at the time of use. If this is the option, you should only check the compatibility of your phone with Miracast and its operation to start enjoying this space.

HDMI Cable

For this case, it is important to take into account that in this type of modern devices, the common ports are HDMI-mini or micro HDMI, so an HDMI connection should be possible from your device, which despite having the cable limitation , you will also have a high resolution and graphical ability to carry out the process you want. In this case, the phone's own interface is apt to establish the connection, however, from the online store of Android you can find various applications that allow the link.

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