How to connect Alcatel Fierce XL to TV

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How can I connect Alcatel Fierce XL to the Smart TV

How can I connect Alcatel Fierce XL to the Smart TV

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"Video Mirroring" or "screen casting" the terms are many to mean the ability display the screen of a smartphone or tablet on a TV . Android enables yesterday, thanks to the Chromecast. How it works is explained to you. How to connect Alcatel Fierce XL to the television?

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In order to connect Alcatel Fierce XL to the tv, the first thing is to check that you have a compatible smartphone or Android tablet: Nexus 4, Nexus 5, Nexus 7 (2013), Nexus 10, Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy S4, Google Play Edition, Samsung Galaxy S5 , Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Samsung Galaxy Note 10, HTC One M7, HTC One M7 Google Play Edition, LG G3 , LG G2 or LG G Pro 2.

You then have a Chromecast, which costs about 35 euros. We devoted an entire folder , which I invite you to read. Know that other certified devices "Chromecast" you can now be marketed.

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Google Cast devices allow you to easily cast all your entertainment on your TV or on your ..

You then download the latest version of the Chromecast app on your Android device. If your Android and Chromecast are paired, you just have to select it in the list. The option is also available in Settings> Display> Screen Broadcast (Android Settings> Display> Screen Cast).

There are also more traditional methods, but with a cable: MHL, HDMI ...

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By connecting MHL

In the new terminals they are eliminating connections and unifying them and if your smartphone does not have HDMI output, it is because everything will go for the USB output and this is called MHL. Yes, right there where loads will also video signal.

It is a new system that is simple to connect the power, but you must consider several things and explain them.

On the one hand you know that your smartphone has MHL and if it is new, it sure does. You can look at the instructions in it, on the website of manufacturer or search by Google.

You should also know that your TV must be compatible with this technology. All who are new usually are, but to make sure you look at him. They usually have one or two ports compatible with this technology and puts it in the same port.

You should also know that not all cables are equal and must find a compatible MHL cable with the brand of your phone, since it does not usually vary between models. They usually bring an extra USB connector to give more power to your smartphone.

The system to connect is exactly like the previous one, so I will not make again.