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How to watch iPhone 8 on TV or Projector

We explain different ways to know how to view iPhone X content on TV or Projector.

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Connect iPhone 8 to TV or Projector via Apple TV

Today we use our phone for number of functions and use of applications. The download of Apps has become something basic when using our phone, because thanks to them we can access social networks, instant messaging applications such as WhatsApp or email management.

In addition to this, we like that our phone has a good camera to take pictures. No doubt mobile terminals have become an essential element for most of us. That is why you may also want to use it to connect to television and thus be able to play content from here.

In the case of iPhone 8 we have different ways to see our iPhone on a TV or projector and then we tell you each one of them.

1. How to connect iPhone 8 to TV or Projector via Apple TV

This day is one of the best methods since we will not need any type of cable to connect our iPhone to the TV. In this case we are talking about the use of Apple TV.

For this we must follow the steps that are detailed below.

Step 1

The first thing we must do is connect both devices to the same WiFi network. Once this is done, we have to move the iPhone screen from bottom to top to enter the control center. Once here, we have to select the "Screen Mirroring ("Duplicate screen") option.

Step 2

Next, we have to click on our Apple TV.

Step 3

If you see an AirPlay code appear on the TV screen, you must enter it on the iPhone 8.

2. How to connect iPhone to TV using Apple Lightning Adapter HDMI

Another option we have to connect our iPhone 8 to the television or projector is to do it using the HDMI adapter from Apple. It is undoubtedly one of the most reliable and simplest options. To use them, you must connect the iPhone to the Lightning port and then connect it to the television via an HDMI cable. We must bear in mind that with this option we will be conditioned to a cable.

3. How to watch Apps content on TV or Projector with Chromecast

In the event that the above options have not convinced us, we have the possibility to see content from applications such as Netflix on our TV through the Google Chromecast device. Among your options we find:

  • Send content from compatible applications such as YouTube
  • Share our phone's screen in a tab in Chrome
  • In addition, there are more and more compatible applications.

The problem of using Chromecast is that we will not be able to duplicate the screen of our device on the TV because it is not compatible with Air Play.

Now that you know the available options, select the one that best suits your needs and start watching your TV or projector's content as soon as possible.

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