Different ways to connect your smart TV to the internet

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your smart TV to the internet

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Here are the different ways to connect a smart Internet TV, have or not have wireless integrated.

If yours is new it will, if somewhat older certainly does not.

But do not worry there is solution for everything.

Integrated Wi-Fi

We start with the easiest, although this depends on the person and the need to install.

First of all, I recommend that there is nothing better that a connection cable Internet. Top speed, stability, no cuts, etc. But if the router catches you away, you have no choice but to connect wirelessly.

Install it exactly like you do with your smartphone or any of your computers. You must enter the settings or TV menu and go to the Network section.

Surely there will be a section that puts automatic installation or network search or something similar. You will enter a screen on the TV does a search for networks and that list must be yours.

Do not you know what?

Go and look under your router, on the sticker that brings and there will come the name of your Wi-Fi, if no one has changed the name. It also comes the password you have to enter, as will the ask your TV.

Beware go wrong with uppercase, lowercase, confuse "or" with zero capital and other possible confusion.

Once you enter, your smart TV and have Internet.

No Wi-Fi

Here the issue and it gets more interesting. If your TV does not have the built -in Wi-Fi have several options, including connecting cable.

For me of course it is much better, but as I said before, depends on whether you get it near the router. First let's see how to give your tv wireless.

Add the Wi-Fi with original adapter

We can give you the wireless function to your TV using different options and would be the wireless adapter that different brands sold separately.

It would be like a flash drive (shown in photo) that plugs into a USB port, but bigger and more with the wireless function.

For this adapter to function, your TV must be Wi-Fi Ready. Or I was, ready to access. Quiet most of those sold with smart TV, but no Wi-Fi so often.

I recommend you look at the instructions in your TV the adapter name that is compatible. Or, in the specifications of the adapter you have to come from your TV model. I leave some of the most used.

LG adapter ANWF100

Samsung WIS12ABGNX adapter

Adapter Panasonic TY-WL20E

Add the Wi-Fi with universal adapter

There is another option that would put a universal adapter.

It would be a device that receives a wireless signal, but the latter transmits the Internet to your TV by the mains input. That is, by cable. For all TVs with smart TV, they have an input cable Internet.

The advantage of this is that you make money investing in a device that in the future can be used in other. Also it has other functions as repeater function to increase the wireless area.

I am of those who prefer to invest in something I can give other uses in the future. The photo is the  Linksys RE1000.

by PLCs

A final option to connect your TV, you would be using PLCs. They are devices that send the Internet signal through the electrical cable.

You connect one on the router and plug electricity and the other in another outlet and the computer or in this case the smart TV.

By cable

The cable connection is always the safest, fastest, stable, etc. The only downside is that if you do not have the router nearby, as is a bummer.

But you think on your home router you can change the position provided there is a phone jack. So if you have any behind the TV, you can put it there.

If you're all right, you just need an Internet or network cable that comes very cheap and very easy to connect. Once connected, your TV will have Internet without having to configure anything absolutely.

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Apple TV

To connect an iPhone (or iPad) to the TV you have several options. The first and most important is with Apple TV via Airplay. The second is an official Apple cable. And the third is with CC, we have already explained. 

The Apple TV lets you share any iOS device screen on the TV wirelessly. We just need tohave connected the iPhone and Apple TV to the same wireless network and use the Airplay option, which will make all the settings automatically. With the iPhone 4S earlier models, you will not see on your TV screen but you can only play certain content.

In addition to seeing our mobile on TV, the Apple TV has its own applications that can handle a small knob. We can also play content from your computer or iCloud.

It is not the cheapest solution, since the device costs 79 euros.

The main advantage is that it is within the Apple ecosystem no compatibility problems. On the other hand, it is also a disadvantage because you can only use it with iOS devices (while Chromecast works with both Android and iPhone). On the other hand, some popular applications are not available for use with Chromecast natively while they can be used with Apple TV, as Spotify

By cable

Using an A / V adapter Lightning to HDMI can connect the TV with our iPhone. For older televisions there adapter cables component. These cables, available in the Apple store, worth 49 euros (HDMI) and 39 euros (the compound). If your iPhone is 4S or above (with 30 - pin connector), copies of white label for about 10 euros.