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How can I connect Lg K10 to the Smart TV

How can I connect Lg K10 to the Smart TV

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How to Screen Mirroring with Lg K10

"Video Mirroring" or "screen casting" the terms are many to mean the ability display the screen of a smartphone or tablet on a TV . Android enables yesterday, thanks to the Chromecast. How it works is explained to you.

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If you  have a Chromecast, which costs about 35 euros. We devoted an entire folder , which I invite you to read. Know that other certified devices "Chromecast" you can now be marketed.

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Google Cast devices allow you to easily cast all your entertainment on your TV or on your ..

You then download the latest version of the Chromecast app on your Android device. If your Android and Chromecast are paired, you just have to select it in the list. The option is also available in Settings> Display> Screen Broadcast (Android Settings> Display> Screen Cast).

There are also more traditional methods, but with a cable: MHL, HDMI ...

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Use a WiFi connection to TV

If you do not have a suitable cable, but you are part owners of a Smart TV, you can connect your smartphone or tablet to television wifi. Make sure your phone has the feature, selecting notifications in the top bar of the screen to a multi-screen display option -the name may vary by phone model. Then select your TV as the source. Your Android device and the TV screen will then sync your content will be found and projected on the TV screen.

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Connect the mobile to the cable TV

It is the easiest option for Android phones. Some smartphones have a specific micro HDMI port and others allow connection through the mini USB port using an adapter. Although if your phone is an iPhone, below we dedicate a section to Apple where we also explain the connection with cable.


If your mobile phone supports MHL, you will need only one cable. The technical name is active MHL cable. On the one hand it connects to the USB port of the mobile and on the other to the HDMI of the TV. It is called active because it has a third USB connector that goes into the mains (for example, a USB charger or a USB port on the TV). Sometimes, instead of a cable, it can be an adapter that goes to the mobile and to which we can connect a normal HDMI cable.

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you can use miracast to connect your lg k 10 to tv 

Find Smart TVs that support Miracast

The screen transmission of an Android phone with Miracast is simple: go to the Settings menu, select Screen and then Transmit. The icon of the latter command is sometimes available in the menu dedicated to notifications and quick commands of the main screen of the smartphone. The name of the receiving device, such as the TV, will appear and simply click it.

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