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How to connect LG K61 To Tv 

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How to watch LG K61 To Tv on TV with Chromecast

What is Chromecast

Chromecast is a device for playing multimedia content on television. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones and tablets, Mac and Windows laptops and Chromebooks.

Once connected, you can use your mobile or tablet to send music, movies, games ... No need for cables! But how do you do it?

Initial premise: simplicity

Forget about having to use a tangle of cables or being a computer engineer to set it up. It is much easier.

To get started, connect your Chromecast device to a power source using the USB cable and power adapter included in the box. Then connect the Chromecast to an HDMI port on the TV. Connect the power supply to a power outlet.

When the Chromecast is connected, your television should show the device's home screen. If it does not display automatically, press the Input or Source button on your TV until the Home screen appears.

Now you will have to configure Chromecast on your device. To do this, access the Google settings page from a Chromecast compatible device and install the Google Cast application. You can also download the Google Cast application from Google Play.

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Connect With Miracast

you can use miracast to connect your  LG K61 To Tv 

Find Smart TVs that support Miracast

The screen transmission of an Android phone with Miracast is simple: go to the Settings menu, select Screen and then Transmit. The icon of the latter command is sometimes available in the menu dedicated to notifications and quick commands of the main screen of the smartphone. The name of the receiving device, such as the TV, will appear and simply click it.

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