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What is Windows 10 signature edition version

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1. Windows 10 Signature Features
2. How to purchase Windows 10 Signature

Microsoft is one of the software companies that release the most editions of its operating systems. We can see how almost weekly new Windows 10 builds are developed especially for users registered in the Insider program . Now, Microsoft has developed a new edition called Signature and today HowConnection will analyze in detail what this new edition of Windows 10 is about..


Microsoft has recently been working together with several companies to develop and create computers with a special version of its flagship Windows 10 operating system. This version has been called the Signature Edition , and it is basically an edition that offers certain advantages over others. versions of Windows 10, as well as technical specifications that without them would not have this certificate. In this way, users not only find certain software or hardware but a solution for certain computing environments.


According to Microsoft itself, this Signature edition will be one of the fastest and cleanest available , and each one has been tested and certified for optimal hardware and software performance. Windows Signature Edition is a Windows 10 operating system without any bloatware or added software that may cause problems at some point..


In addition to this, it includes a complete and activated version of Windows Essentials for user security . Some equipment manufacturers are already including Windows 10 Signature Edition. Lenovo, for example, preinstalls the Windows 10 Pro Signature edition on some of its ThinkPad series laptops.




We all know that, when buying a new device, it comes preconfigured with certain trial software, such as antivirus, games, office tools, etc., and after this trial period we will receive constant notifications to buy the full license..


Equipment manufacturers include bloatware to reduce the total cost to them and keep equipment prices low, while software developers ask manufacturers to combine their software with PCs, often harming the end user.


We have indicated that the computers that come with Windows 10 Signature are completely clean and do not include any additional software and this means:

  • Greater battery savings
  • Better boot of the operating system
  • Better overall performance


1. Windows 10 Signature Features

Among the different features that we find in Windows 10 Signature we have:


Signature Edition PCs are cleaned without bloatware to slow down and deliver a pure experience right from the start.


From startup to shutdown, Signature Edition computers deliver the fastest possible Windows experience. Once we configure the new equipment, we will see that it works faster with maximum speed and responsiveness throughout the day.


Signature Edition PCs include the protections that make Windows 10 the most secure Windows of all time, all integrated without the need for renewal. From antivirus protection and firewalls to anti-phishing technologies, Windows offers more security features and continuous updates for the duration of supported computers, protecting us against current and future threats.


Better battery usage
In a test by Microsoft, Signature computers averaged 28 minutes more than non-Signature PCs.





2. How to purchase Windows 10 Signature



We are not always able to buy a new computer that comes with this default operating system, so one of the simplest solutions is to download an ISO image of Windows 10 at the following link:


 ISO Windows 10


Then, we can reinstall the system by running a clean installation, which does not include any type of third-party software, and for this we can use one of the following links:






After performing a clean installation of Windows 10, we can download and install all the drivers from our computer manufacturer's website. Reinstalling Windows 10 or performing a clean installation of Windows 10 will have no impact on the activation status as long as you are installing the same edition of Windows 10.


In this way we have the possibility of having Windows 10 Signature and enjoy its levels of security and performance.


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