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How can I control my PC with Xolo Play 8X-1100 Android phone

How can I control my PC with Xolo Play 8X-1100 Android phone

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Access or control my pc from my Xolo Play 8X-1100 Android phone I can serve, for example, if having forgotten to bring me a computer file on a flash memory.

You can also apply if a presentation where you need to use your smartphone as a remote control of the PC, or from the bed to handle comfortably. There are many ways you can take advantage of it really.

To handle the PC with the Xolo Android mobile phone or there are many applications out there. In this post I want to recommend the best available to access from your mobile PC.

They are quite fluid when remotely control the computer, ie alternatives usually are not locked, they are free and, perhaps most importantly, come with the guarantee of developers behind them that constantly optimized through updates.

All of them allow you to control your PC with your phone via the Internet (except for the last two), ie, both computers must have Internet access, no matter the network that are either (cell always be on a network wifi as is evident). This ensures that the computer control from your smartphone can do no matter where in the world they are either (remote support can be added here).

Each requires the installation of the mobile application in cell (obviously must be Android) and installation of software on the PC to operate.

Well, let there ...

  1. Chrome Remote Desktop

My favorite is the truth. It is easy to set up, can manage multiple PC from Android and is very fluid. What you need is to install the Chrome Remote Desktop extension in the Chrome browser on your PC and additionally the respective application on mobile. Use the same account on both Google and set a PIN and ready. Remote access available.

How to control your PC with Xolo Android phone

  1. TeamViewer

This is another very powerful to handle my PC from the mobile tool. Just install the app on the phone and in the PC program. In the latter we are offered a pin to be entered on the smartphone or tablet and go.

How to control your PC with Android phone

Remember that your mobile must be connected to a wifi Internet and the PC to a network with Internet too.

  1. Microsoft RD Client

Not only Google has done a utility to control the PC from Android. Microsoft also has its own tool for managing Windows with cell. This Microsoft Remote Desktop Client is the one that does not need Internet access to run: it is only necessary that the phone and the computer are on the same wireless network. Furthermore, it is only necessary to install the application on the mobile device (no program is not installed on the PC).

How to control your PC with Android phone

  1. Unified Remote

Another powerful tool to control the PC from the cell. Likewise, the client is installed on Android and PC. You must first run the software on the PC and then run the application on your phone, from which you must "find your PC". This utility works only under the same wireless network. It is ideal for use as a PC remote control.

How to control your PC with Android phone

And that's it. They are the best and the most practical thing exists in controlling the PC from Android. You need to do the reverse? Check out my article that explains how to control Android from the PC ..

You have another way to handle the computer from the phone? As you take advantage of this in your case?

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