How to Make Android Screen Mirroring on Smart TV

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asked Oct 9, 2016 by anonymous
From last couple of weeks, my mate S videos ain't working to connect with my TV directly.
I never used Screen Mirroring that is common as Huawei mate s was having built in option for that, but unfortunately I am not founding it any more.
If someone can suggest a proper way.
I already reset my phone, but still ain't working.

1 Answer

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answered Oct 9, 2016 by Manhattan (177,830 points)

Duplicating the screen on TV

Methods to display the contents of your mobile screen on TV vary by manufacturer of your mobile phone, the Android version and if your TV is smart or not.

Chromecast and other sticks HDMI

HDMI sticks are an extremely easy way to return your smart TV, even when it is not. They connect to the HDMI input on the TV and on your phone you can send content to be replayed on TV.

CC is the most popular, but it is not alone. In any case, the process is always similar. In an application that supports Google Cast (over 2000 and up), will appear automatically the button to send content. When pressed, select the device from the dropdown menu and ready.