How To Screen Mirroring On Samsung Galaxy S7

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How To  Screen Mirroring On Galaxy S7

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Screen Mirroring Samsung galaxy s7

In order to connect your smartphone to the TV wirelessly, two things are necessary. First of all, your TV must have WiFi option, something that we find practically in any SmartTV nowadays. And on the other hand your phone must also have multiple screen function. If you are sure that you have both options, you only have to follow the following steps:

  1. Through the source of your TV, look for the wireless screen option.
  2.  Launch the multi-screen option on your smartphone. Once inside, your terminal will start to look for other devices that are connected to the WiFi network through this function. Here you must select your TV.
  3. Once the two devices are recognized, the screen of your smartphone will appear on the TV.

There are also some applications where you do not need to follow these steps, because they can connect to the TV automatically. This happens with numerous video and image applications, such as Youtube or the gallery of your terminal.

In these applications you will find an icon with two screens connecting either a screen and a WiFi signal. By clicking on this button, you will be able to find all the devices connected to your network. You will have to choose your TV and the app in question will appear on the screen.

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