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How to connect Oppo F7 To Tv

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With Chromecast, wirelessly

Chromecast is a small device manufactured by Google similar to a USB stick that only connects to the HDMI port of the TV. Although we must configure it so you can access our home WiFi network. With the mobile or computer also connected to WiFi, we can play on the TV content from the phone, using compatible applications. We control everything from our smartphone.

To use it, you must first connect Chromecast to your TV. Then, you must download the Chromecast app to your mobile to configure it (available for Android and iOS). Having the two connected to the same network for the phone to detect it. In this case, make sure you have a good Wifi signal where you have the TV set. Once this is done, each time you use a compatible application, click on the icon to make 'cast' to see the content on the TV. It has no command, because our mobile acts as a remote control.

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