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How to connect Oppo A92s To Tv

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Connect the mobile to the TV using a cable

This is the first possibility and it has a virtue compared to the use of wireless networks: there is little delay in what is seen on the smartphone or tablet with what is displayed on the TV screen. Therefore, we are among the best option to enjoy the games without a doubt. Of course, it has the handicap of having to walk with cables in between which is always more cumbersome.

The case is that there are accessories of this type that connect on the one hand to the mobile terminal and, on the other, to an HDMI port on the television (ideally, this element is compatible with MHL, Mobile High-definition Link, to avoid bad compatibility experiences). There are many options for sale and, in terms of configuration, this is very simple: plug and play.

A couple of recommendations: the first is that the cable chosen to connect the mobile to the TV is as long as possible, to avoid restrictions, and that if possible choose one that has a USB port so that you can charge the smartphone at the same time that it is used.

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Google Chromecast

This player has become a reference in the market since more and more applications can be used with it, including games, and developments such as Neftlix or HBO are compatible. Economical and uncomplicated, it is a device that allows you to connect your mobile phone to the TV in an excellent way and that can be carried from one place to another.

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