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How to use the Xbox 360 Wireless Controller PC?

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  • To connect this command we need an adapter that receives keystrokes wireless gamepad , you can buy at Amazon for about 18 euros.

  • Then you must download the software for control from the Microsoft website and choose your operating system . Windows 8 lacks the drivers necessary , those of Windows 7 work perfectly.

  • When you run the file you have to say yes to everything . You will get a notice saying that the driveris not certified for Windows 8, ignore this warning and continues. After the installation, you must go to the Device Manager in the Control Panel.

  • Once there, you will find the unknown USB device . You have to click on this item with the right mouse button, select Properties and go to the tab that puts driver. You must click on Update Driverand choose the manual option . Will direct you to a list of devices among which is "Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver for Windows", click on it and hit the following to end the process.

  • Finally, matching both devices by pressing their buttons and you can enjoy your wireless controller PC. You can connect up to 4 controllers with a single receiver.

Xbox 360 wireless controller

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