How to connect the GoPro Hero 3 Wireless Smartphone / Tablet App?

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the GoPro Hero 3 Wireless Smartphone / Tablet App?

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In today's post we will see how to connect the new camera GoPro Hero 3 "Black Edition" with our Smartphone connection through Wifi .

The first thing we need is (if you have not updated) update the software of the camera. 
This can be done through the web of Go Pro
The following will get off the application Iphone or Android's Market or Play Store. Iphone: Android:

Once done we follow these steps:

  • We turn on the camera and 2 times the wireless side button.
  • Once in the wireless menu select "Go Pro App"
  • We go to the Smartphone / tablet and activate the connection and look for the name of our Go Pro and connect to that network.
  • Go open the application and click on Connect Pro + Control
    go pro wifi connect Control app

We will open the next screen. We will have the big picture with the camera pre-visualization and then 4 buttons for settings, turn the camera remotely and off the pre visualization.
app menu go pro

If we enter the following settings screen appears to us with camera controls and modes.
go pro settings app mobile app

locate camera go pro

Locate Camera: When you press the button, the camera emits a series of beeps and flashes of the LED. We can help to find it.

settings go pro hero 3

Settings: . This button opens all possible configurations of the camera 
is most useful App because we can change the resolution, frames per second (FPS), shooting mode etc ... it done quickly from the application without to enter the camera menus.

The mode buttons allow you to select between video, photo, or photo burst intervals.
s go pro hero 3 black mode

Thanks to this application, you can make the most of your Go Pro Hero 3 Black Edition. 

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Thank you very much