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Follow the steps below and in less than a minute you will have connected the AirPods to your Xiaomi to listen to music, make calls and more:

  • First of all, activate the Bluetooth of your Xiaomi mobile. To do this, you can slide the Xiaomi mobile notification bar and activate it through the quick settings that appear in the Control Center. You can also turn it on by going to Settings , then finding and tapping the Bluetooth entry; there you have to activate the switch, in case the Bluetooth is turned off.
  • Now, the next thing to do is open the cover of the AirPods case , whatever model they are. It is important that these are kept inside the case, so that, in this way, the status light turns on, which can be located inside or on the outside of the case, depending on the model of the AirPods.
  • Then press the settings button on the AirPods case until the status light flashes white. This must also be done with the headphones inside the case.
  • Next, you have to pair the AirPods with the Xiaomi. To do this you have to go to Settings , and then enter the Bluetooth section again (if you have left) and search, in the list of visible devices, the AirPods, to click on them and start and wait for the process of pairing and pairing is complete, which takes a few seconds. With this, you will have already connected the AirPods to your Xiaomi mobile, without further ado.

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