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How to Connect Xiaomi Mix 4 To Tv

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Connect my Xiaomi Mix 4 to the television
Connect my Xiaomi mobile to the television using a Mi TV Stick
Using Chromecast

Connect my Xiaomi Mix 4 to the television

We are going to tell you how to connect to television not in one or two ways exclusively, but through five different ways. Through any of these alternatives you can connect your Xiaomi mobile to any television, whatever the brand.

And why would you need to connect your Xiaomi mix 4 to the TV? For hundreds of utilities: share the photos of your last vacation, play a video from any streaming platform on the big screen, broadcast a game that you are playing and, in general, use the MIUI possibilities in a larger interface, as if a second monitor was involved.

Connect my Xiaomi mobile to the television using a Mi TV Stick

The Mi TV Stick turns any television into a smart TV. Its way of operating is as simple as connecting it to any HDMI port, changing with the remote control to the corresponding channel and configuring it by connecting it to our WiFi network.

In this way, you will see on the TV an interface identical to that of any TV equipped with the Android 9.0 operating system .

Thus, based on this premise, any owner of a Mi TV Stick can interconnect the mobile phone and the TV - as long as both devices are connected to the same WiFi network.

If the name of the TV does not appear on your Xiaomi, you will have to check the status of the TV's wireless connectivity from the Home> Settings> and Network Settings menu .

Using Chromecast

Although the Mi TV Stick turns any television into an Android TV, from those TVs with Chromecast integration we do not need any application or additional hardware , being able to send images from Google Photos, YouTube videos, audio files using Home , play music from apps like Spotify or Tidal and, as is evident, all the content of streaming applications like the ones we see in the image.
Just press the broadcast button and in just two seconds you will have synchronized both devices, so that the content will be broadcast on the television we have chosen.

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