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Connecting the PS4 control the PlayStation 3 to play

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Some time ago PS4 is installed in the homes of millions of people. Although nearly a year already on the market, Sony does not seem to feel much interest in further enhancing its old platform, the PS3.

It seems wrong that a device like the DualShock 4 is not compatible with the PS3 natively and fairly. If it is true that you can connect the controller to PS3 PS4 and then you ensañaré how. We do not have to spend anything, we just need the command and our PS3 with PS3 controller to navigate the menu .

The problem comes when, once connected, we have a lot of limitations that recognizes it as a standard controller. It will serve to play some games (not all) but for most need a host to keep a PS3 controller. It's a shame that you can connect to the PC and does not work well in the old Sony console, but is common in this world, backward compatibility is forgetting completely .

We can connect the PS3 PS4 control in two ways: Connecting the cable that brings us classic charging cable or wireless . To connect the cable just we have to plug it in and go. To synchronize wirelessly have to follow these steps:

  • We enter the menu Settings in our PS3 and go to the option: Enhancement settings .
  • Now, click on Manage Bluetooth devices and click on the button Register a new device .
  • When you initiate the scan, we press the Share button PS button on the remote PS4 at once.

The PlayStation 3 will recognize us as a new device and Wireless Controller, clicking it, we will have command of PS4 connected. The interface will run smoothly but the game compatibility is not guaranteed 100% , you'll have to try luck because the console recognizes it as a gamepad standard.

If you have questions for connection, you can use the comments , but we assure you it will be very simple.If you love PC, remember that you can connect the PS3 controller to Windows or you can even use the controller to play Xbox One .

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