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Connect the smartphone to the TV, very simple

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Connect the smartphone to the TV

As you can see, there are a variety of options to connect your smartphone to the TV:

  • For a punctual use. The simplest is by cable, by requiring fewer configurations and being a direct form of connection in which you do not depend on the Wifi signal.
  • For users who want to use this feature more often, it depends on the equipment you count on. Do not forget that your TV must find a place with a good WiFi signal.
    • If you have a SmartTV and just want to see your mobile screen on the TV, Miracast is for you. You do not need to buy anything else.
    • If you want to see some internet on TV and use your mobile at the same time, then Chromecast is a very good option at an affordable price. Especially with compatible apps (YouTube, TVE, etc.).
    • If you're used to using Apple products and like your system, try Apple TV
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