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How to play Android games on the Chromecast?

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How to play Android games on the Chromecast?

The Google Chromecast is undoubtedly a piece of technology that can have multiple uses in addition to watching Internet TV. Its price is relatively low and, although there are games that are exclusive or optimized for Chromecast. It is also possible to play Android games on the Chromecast. This is very simple to achieve, since you only have to use a built-in function on Android devices, the screen is duplicated.

How to duplicate the Android screen on TV
This feature is integrated into many current Android phones. For example, Pixel, Nexus and other Android have this feature because it is part of the main operating system experience, but Samsung Galaxy do not have this option installed. Let's see what to do in each case.

Duplicate screen from Android phones with the Cast function installed
In this case, duplicating your mobile screen is as easy as opening the Quick Settings panel and touching the Cast icon. That is, you must download the notification bar and look for the icon (you may have to scroll to the second screen to see the icon).

In case your phone does not have a second screen in the notification bar, you can edit the Quick Settings Panel to add the icon from the button in the form of a gear.

When you get the icon, just click on it and choose the device to which you want to duplicate the screen. Once you have chosen it, you must have connected immediately.

If you want to disconnect your Android from the Chromecast, you must touch the Cast icon again and select Disconnect.

Duplicate the screen from Android phones without the Cast function installed.
If your Android device does not have this function, as is the case with the Samsung Galaxy or LG then you have to resort to another method. The easiest thing for this is to use Google Home, which must already be installed. So let's start by starting this application.

In Google Home you must open the sliding menu and click on "Transmit screen / audio". This will open a new menu and perhaps indicate that the device is not optimized, just click on OK.

Then, you must choose the device to which you want to transmit and select it, as in the previous case you must have started transmitting immediately. If you want to disconnect, you just have to open the application again or select the transmission notification and choose Disconnect.

What to do now?

Now that the screen of your Android is duplicated on TV, simply start a game and start enjoying. Everything that happens on your Android device will also happen on TV, that is, you can watch any game and you can also access another class of applications.

This is all you need to know to play Android games on the Chromecast. But keep in mind that playing with your Android on Chromecast will not improve the performance of the game, if your device is low specifications there will be no big difference. On the other hand, if you show a little delay between the Chromecast and your device, maybe the Wi-Fi connection is a bit collapsed.

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