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How to sync the Dual Shock of the PS4 on Android step by step

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How to sync the Dual Shock of the PS4 on Android step by step

If you have already synchronized the Dual Shock of your PS4 on a Windows PC before - and if you do not take a look at this other post - you can surely get an idea of ​​the dynamics that we will follow next.

  • Press the PS button and the “Share” button on the PS4 controller simultaneously for a few seconds, until a blinking white light comes on.
  • Activate the Bluetooth connection on your Android device. You will see how a new “Wireless Controller” type wireless device appears. It's the Dual Shock of the Play!
  • Click on the “Wireless Controller” to link it.
  • A message may then appear requesting a link code. It is not necessary to indicate any numerical code, just click on “Link” directly.
  • Once synchronized, we will see how the “Wireless Controller” appears in the “Connected” state and we can use it to navigate in the Android launcher and play any game compatible with Android gamepads.
Configuring the PS4 controller in an Android TV Box
In some TV Boxes, although the process is practically identical, it varies in some points. Many TV Boxes have a quick access menu that allows us to connect Bluetooth devices from a sidebar ("Remote control and accessories" -> "Add accessory").
After having had several problems to synchronize the remote from this sidebar, my recommendation is to go to the TV Box settings, and from there, in the Bluetooth settings, try to pair it directly. I don't know why, but oddly enough, it usually works much better.

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