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How to connect Realme 9i 5G to tv

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Connect cell phone to TV via WiFi
How to connect the cell phone to the TV without cable?

Connect cell phone to TV via WiFi

To share screen from cell phone to TV through a WiFi connection with the Chromecast device you just have to:
  • Make the Chromecast connection in one of the HDMI ports of your Smart TV.
  • Go to your mobile app store and download the Chromecast App (Google Home is a good option).
  • Verify that the mobile is connected to the same WiFi network that you are going to use to configure the Chromecast.
  • Proceed to configure your device from the App, clicking on “Add”, then on “Configure device”, followed by “New device” so that it automatically recognizes it.
  • It may also be the case that a notification from the App appears indicating the new device for you to configure.
  • Now to cast from cell phone to TV with Chromecast, you just have to go to the shortcut menu that appears when you slide the screen down with your fingers and touch the option “Cast my screen” and that's it!

How to connect the cell phone to the TV without cable?

To connect cell phone to TV without cables with this protocol, you must first make sure that both your mobile and your Smart TV have it (Smart TVs from 2013 usually allow the connection), to do so, follow these steps:
  • Pull down the notification panel from your mobile and locate the “Wireless screen”, “Multiple screen”, “Wireless projection” or “Send screen” option. (The name varies according to the manufacturer).
  • Another option is to tap on “Settings” > “Display” > “Send screen”.
  • The search for compatible devices starts immediately, there you must choose the name of your TV and that's it! Now you can watch cell phone on TV without cables .

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